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The PAWG Group 1 Website was a collaborative effort by numerous people. If you notice someone who was left off this list, please contact the Webmaster so it may be fixed.

Project Sponsor
  • Maj Edward Silassy, PAWG Group 1 Commander

Project Manager/Lead Engineer

  • 1st Lt Joshua M. Nussbaum, PAWG Group 1 IT Officer
PAWG Staff and Above
  • Col Gary Fleming, PAWG Commander: provided strategic oversight and mentoring
  • Lt Col Kevin J. Berry, PAWG Vice-Commander: linked Group 1 IT Staff to appropriate PAWG resources, numerous photographs, interpretations of regulations, historical knowledge, and 20+ hours of design consulting
  • Lt Col Roy Long, PAWG Director of IT: provided domain name service and site ownership
  • Joe Hall: HQ CAP Deputy Director, IT

PAWG Group 1 Staff (listed alphabetically by last name)

  • Capt Cindy Gironda, former Group 1 PAO: provided newsletters and history from 2012-2016
  • Capt Eric Gironda, Group 1 ES Officer: provided 40+ hours of document creation, email threads, and transferring ES knowledge
  • Capt David Haberman, Group 1 Operations Officer: provided chart of charter numbers matched to squadron numbers and for spending 30+ hours each month coordinating the Cadet Orientation Rides
  • 1st Lt Malisa Silassy, Group 1 PAO, for managing the other social media sites and aligning the Group 1 Public Affairs Plan to the website

Other influential Senior Members

  • Capt Tina M. Brady-Perfors, Sq 712: provided 20+ hours of research regarding general regulation knowledge and information about the CAP font, logo, seal, color scheme, and branding
    Lt Col Michael S. Lazaroff, Sq 712: globalized the scope of the website by providing suggestions, usability testing, and other numerous revolutionary ideas
  • Maj Keith J. McMillen, Sq 712: provided 30+ hours of usability testing across smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers and troubleshooted numerous bugs

Group 1 2015-2016 CAC Cadets (all for soliciting the original requirements)

  • C/Lt Col Ceara Berry, Sq 712
  • C/1st Lt Andrew Myers, Sq 712
  • C/AB Alex Flick, Sq 1502
  • C/1st Lt Zach Keyes, Sq 602
  • C/SSgt Jarrett Niecgorski, Sq 602