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FAQ (Site-Specific)

Why does the PAWG Group 1 website exist?
  • The idea of the website has a few main purposes:
    • providing the general public with information specific to our group's activities
    • providing prospective members with a way of contacting the current leadership
    • allowing Group 1 to showcase its accomplishments
    • serving as a resource bank for the members of Group 1 and beyond
Can you do things differently to the site or add a new feature?
  • Contact the webmaster to fix small errors such as:
    • correcting somebody's grade
    • fixing spelling and grammatical issues
    • changing font color
    • modifying images (cropping, borders, straightening, etc)
    • swapping out the images themselves

What criteria must be met to have material featured on the site?

  • We consider many options for different parts of the website, and will continue to consider options as they are suggested, by benefit and by technicality.
  • By benefit, we aim to have the website's materials:
    • project a positive image of CAP's members
    • provide information to prospective members with integrity
    • demonstrate CAP's core missions
    • enhance the public's perception to CAP on the whole
    • current
  • By technicality, the site should be:
    • readable across devices and operating systems
    • easy to scale
    • easy to read
    • easy to interpret
    • user-friendly and logical

How can I get content added to the site?

  • Use the Contact Form under the Contact menu, or simply send an email to

How long does it take to get a response from the site moderator?

  • Barring extenuating circumstances, every effort is made to respond to all inquiries within 3-5 business days, if not sooner.

How do I update/correct information on the site?

  • Use the Contact Form under the Contact menu, or simply send an email to

May I share this website with someone outside of CAP?

  • Absolutely! That's why we have it!