Not all supporters of the Civil Air Patrol are able to give time due to any number of circumstances (family, school, employment, living afar, etc). Some choose to support the Civil Air Patrol in other ways, such as making tax-deductible monetary donations.

The link below will take you to the Pennsylvania Wing (PAWG) Donation page, and from there you can select from the following entities to donate to via PayPal:
  • Specific PAWG Squadron
  • PAWG Headquarters
  • Cadet Programs or Cadet Training Schools
  • Emergency Services
  • Hawk Mountain Ranger School
  • Flight Scholarships
To make such a donation, please visit this link and follow the instructions:

We appreciate all contributions to CAP; be it time, money, or material resources. Thank you for your commitment to serving others in your community, the PAWG, and the nation.