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Support Staff

The Group 1 Support Staff is comprised of experienced members who have excelled at the same job in their own squadrons and/or have extraordinary qualifications and/or interest in their respective area. Our staff is qualified, friendly, and willing to serve. Feel free to reach our support staff at any time, after following your chain of command. The Group 1 Support Staff is under the command of the Group 1 Commander and Vice-Commander, Major Edward Silassy and Captain Earl Gardner, respectively.

The Group 1 Support Staff is listed alphabetically by last name.

Cate Flick

Lt Col Flick is currently the Commander of Squadron 1502 in Somerset, where she previously served as Commander before working on the Group 1 Staff. She has completed Level IV of the Senior Member Professional Development program. She is a Skills Evaluator for fifteen CAP qualifications, including CUL, GTL, PSC, LSC, IC2, and GBD. Lt Col Flick is known around Group 1 as the queen of a well-run Food Section every Winter Weekend, which she co-hosts with her husband, Lt Col Edgar Flick.


Major Flick joined CAP in 1988 and serves as Finance Officer for Group One.  He comes from Squadron 1502, where he has served as Finance Officer since 2005. He holds a Master rating in the Finance specialty track.  He graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with degrees in
Finance and Economics.  He is active in his church as Treasurer, Choir member, and is also a Certified Lay Pastor with the United Methodist Church, York District.  Sam currently works for KELLY Payroll as a Payroll Tax Accountant.


Cindy Gironda

Captain Gironda joined CAP in 2011 and is the Group One Safety Officer and Region 13 Liaison Officer. She has been a member of Squadron 602, and her previous service includes serving as the Group One Public Affairs Officer (2012-2016), Squadron Public Affairs Officer (2011-presen
t), Squadron Assistant Safety Officer (2014-present) and Squadron Homeland Security Officer (2015-present). She has earned the Grover C. Loening Award for the achievement of Level III and holds a Technician Rating in Safety and Senior Rating in Public Affairs. In her CAP career, she has volunteered on multiple community service projects and has responded to numerous live missions and multiple training missions. She is currently a skills evaluator and has 12 active SQTR's and is working on obtaining her Ground Branch Director. She is also the recipient of the 2013 Group One Public Affairs Officer of the Year, PAWG Public Affairs Officer of the Year, and Northeast Region Public Affairs Officer of the Year, and was recognized as the 2014 Group One Public Affairs Officer of the Year. She has volunteered with EMS, Rescue and Fire agencies over the last 30+ years and has been a Fire Instructor for 13 years. She currently volunteers with her local Fire Company, County Animal Response Team and recently earned her Associate Degree in Fire Science Administration and in 2013 received the Somerset Cambria County Fire Police Association Distinguished Service Award.



Captain Gironda joined CAP in 2009, as a member of Squadron 602. He is the Group One Emergency Services Officer, and is in training as a CAP Incident Commander. He also volunteers with both a local fire department and a County Animal Rescue Team. Captain Gironda holds a Senior rating on the Emergency Services specialty track and has begun working on the Communications specialty track. He has been awarded two Find ribbons, the CAP Achievement Award, and the Community Service Award. Captain Gironda has also completed Level III of Professional Development, has participated in over 10 live missions and numerous training missions in his CAP tenure. He enjoys working in the field, where he is available to sign off on most tasks in the 18 SQTRs he has completed.  He is best known as an avid motorcyclist, frequently using his cycle in the performance of his CAP duties, especially for squadron visits. Eric also appreciates spicy food, having earned two "Triple Atomic Wing Survivor" t-shirts from "Quaker Steak & Lube" and is employed by Comcast as a service technician. 


Captain Haberman joined CAP in 2010 and wears many hats as the Commander of the Beaver County Composite Squadron 704, the Director of Operations for both Groups 1 and 6, and the Director of Finance for Group 6. He holds a Senior rating in Finance, a Technician rating in Operations, and has completed Level III of the Senior Member Professional Development program. He graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Science, and is a brother in the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity. Captain Haberman has completed Level III of the Senior Member Professional Development program and holds the Counterdrug ribbon. He currently works as a Process Architect for Innovu, a technology start-up focused on the Health Care industry.


April Hayden

Captain Hayden joined CAP in 2012 and serves as the Squadron Commander in Squadron 601 (Washington). Her previous service includes serving in several squadrons as an Assistant Emergency Services Training Officer, Assistant Public Affairs Officer, and Assistant Cadet Activities Officer. She holds a Technician rating in Emergency Services. Captain Hayden has completed multiple Hawk Mountain Ranger Schools and is a Ranger Second Class. She can sign off on GTM3, GTM2, GTM1, and GTL, is a qualified Ground Branch Director and has almost completed her Incident Commander qualifications. She holds an Achievement Medal and has completed Level II of the Senior Member Professional Development program. She is a psychologist by trade.


Lieutenant Colonel Lazaroff is the Commander of Butler County Composite Squadron 712 and has served in CAP for 20 years, but began his CAP career in the New York wing. He has completed ten years as the Group 1 Legal Officer. He served for 20 years in the United States Air Force in civil engineering and in communications, attaining the rank of Master Sergeant. Today, he owns his own business as a bankruptcy and debt lawyer, graduating with his law degree from Duquesne. Additionally, he is a Skills Evaluator for Mission Radio Operator and Communications Unit Leader. He has completed all five levels of the Senior Member professional development program, holds a Senior rating in Professional Development and Master’s ratings in both the Communications and Legal specialty tracks, was bestowed two CAP Achievement Awards and a Wing Commander's Commendation.


Joe Milano
Lt Col Joseph Milano joins the PAWG Group 1 Staff after building up an extensive CAP resume. He began his 30+ year CAP career in NJWG and served as the NJWG Vice-Commander, NJWG Chief of Staff for three separate Commanders, a two-time Group Commander, and a two-time Squadron Commander. Lt Col Milano holds a Master’s rating in Professional Development and Senior ratings in both Emergency Services and Inspector General, and has completed all five levels of the SM PD program. In addition, he served in the USAF and attained the rank of Sergeant (now known as Senior Airman) while working in communications. Lt Col Milano worked for Singer Sewing Machines and was the Vice-President of Sales and Marketing in North America and is now the National Sales Director of Horn Company. As if that wasn’t enough, in his free time, Lt Col Milano composes songs and is a jazz music buff and accomplished accordionist.


1st Lt Nussbaum is the Group 1 Cadet Activities Officer and Group 1 IT Officer. He joined CAP in 2015 with the Butler County Composite Squadron 712, where he now serves as the IT and Communications Officer. He is also serving as the Deputy Commander of Cadets in Squadron 704, Beaver. 1st Lt Nussbaum volunteers as a Boy Scout leader, with one of the local jails, and as a moderator on a car website. He holds a Senior rating on the Communications specialty track and a Technician rating each on the IT and Cadet Programs specialty tracks. He has also completed Level III of the senior member professional development program, has been awarded the Yeager Award, and holds the Community Service Ribbon with third silver clasp, and holds the Senior Member Recruiting Ribbon. His training resume also includes the UCC and TLC. He graduated from the Pennsylvania State University, double-majoring in Information Science and in Psychology, serving as the student body president while he was there. He is currently pursuing his Master's Degree in Analytics and is employed as a social worker.



1st Lt Silassy has served in her Group 1 roles for many years. She has completed Level II of the Senior Member Development program, including SLS and TLC.

Tim Steiner

Major Steiner served as a CAP Cadet, earning his Eaker Award (Cadet Lieutenant Colonel). He has completed Level III of the Senior Member Professional Development program, and holds a Meritorious Service Medal, Region Commander's Commendation Award, Wing Commander's Commendation Award, and Achievement Award. In addition, he has served on the staff of Training Leaders of Cadets and Squadron Leadership School.


Major Ward first joined CAP as a Cadet in October 1976, with the South Hills Composite Squadron 613. In the Spring of 1977, he entered the Senior Transition Program which allowed for older Cadets to fill senior staff positions but still participate in some Cadet activities. Major Ward has held every unit-level staff position, and holds the Master rating in the Communications, Supply, and Safety specialty tracks, and is a Ranger First Class. He has also served as the Cadet Activities Officer, Supply Officer, and Emergency Services Officer, all at the group level. In addition, he served as the Squadron Commander from 1984 to 1990 at Squadron 613. Major Ward is the sole employee at a Township Public Access Television Station, and he has four step-daughters and nine step-grandchildren. Major Ward’s words of wisdom are: ‘the one thing I have noticed about CAP is you will get out of it what you put into it.”