BUTLER, PA: 29 Jan was a BIG day in Squadron 712. It is not often that you see the Wing Vice-Commander and the Group Commander at a squadron meeting! Not only was a Cadet presented his Amelia Earhart certificate, the squadron also held a Change of Cadet Command ceremony.

C/Capt Andrew G.S. Myers reported to Lt Col Kevin J. Berry, PAWG CV, for formal acknowledgement of his attaining Cadet Captain. As part of his presentation, Lt Col Berry, also a pilot, gave Sq 712 a brief history of Amelia Earhart, who flew into and out of the Butler airport for her last flight. Maj Earl Gardner, the Group 1 CC, also attended the ceremonies.

Once Myers received his Earhart certificate, he and C/Maj Brian Weitzel reported again to Squadron CC Lt Col Michael S. Lazaroff, JD, for the Change of Command ceremony. C/MSgt Logan Klemm officiated the ceremony. 1st Lt Joshua M. Nussbaum, Sq 712 CDC, thanked C/Maj Weitzel for his service as the Cadet Commander.

After the ceremonies for the evening were concluded, everyone helped themselves to pizza and soft drinks, courtesy of Lt Col Lazaroff.

Weitzel reports to the Commander, for the final time, as Cadet Commander.
From left to right: Lt Col Kevin Berry, Lt Col Michael Lazaroff, Maj Earl Gardner
Lt Col Kevin J. Berry presents Myers with his Earhart certificate.